Below are all the ways we can partner and create a beautiful, functioning, and meaningful space. 


Full-service Interior Design

This is where I have all the fun! Once I have narrowed down your plans and vision of your space(s) I can either take that and run with it or you decide how involved you want to be. With this option my team and I will deliver all that you need and desire. A design questionnaire will be provided to learn about your style, needs, desires, and budget. An in-home consultation will follow for space planning and to discover your personality, so that I am able to really, truly make the space(s) feel and look like the ones who inhabit them. Further information and details discussed during in-home consultation.



This exciting and convenient design experience is an affordable and do-it-yourself decorating project that incorporates a designer’s eye {my eye} to help create a professionally designed space that you can initiate and complete at your own pace. E-designs has given me the opportunity to serve those near and far from me regardless of location or budget. Moreover, I will provide a design questionnaire to learn about your style, needs, desires, and budget in order to create a unique e-design for your space(s). Measurements of the space, inspirational images, and a virtual view or photos of your space is also essential for space planning and room layout. A complete e-design will entail all or some of the following, depending on your desires and budget: a floor plan, color palette, paint color, furniture selection, material/finishes, artwork, décor, fabric, wallpaper, and a product purchase list of all the available online items ready for purchase.



A La Carte Decor

Have a good eye for style and décor, but can’t seem to know how to create a cohesive space? This option might just be for you! I can shop with you, narrow down a color scheme, advise you on furniture selection and layout. Oh yea! and tell you what to keep and what to put aside for your next garage sale. Or if you simply need a jump start on color and style inspiration for a new or current space. This service is done on your time and charged by the hour.


Real Estate & Home Staging

I work along side with realtors and homeowners by preparing homes for sale, so they appeal to the most amount of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time on the market. Small changes can make a big impact and if decluttering, redecorating or advise is all you need this is an affordable step to potentially sell a home fast. This is where first impressions do count!


Bathroom & Kitchen Design

Bathrooms and kitchens are highly labor-intensive areas to renovate that entails plumbing, electrical, tile, counters, and custom cabinetry; therefore, I work alongside with general contractors to deliver functional space planning and layout, and most importantly to ensure code requirements are met.